Hello Machan!

You may wonder why we called our restaurant Machan Kitchen and what it may mean. Let us explain. Machan is a commonly used term of endearment in Sri Lanka. It originates from the formal Tamil word machi which is used for referring to the groom marrying into a family. The word has been informally adapted to machan by Sri Lankans across all ethnicities to refer to a friend that is so close they could be family. Although predominantly machan is a word used amongst men to show close friendship, it is not done so to exclude others. It’s a only use is to signify closeness – much in the way the word mate is used in the English language.

So when we thought about what we should call our restaurant, it made perfect sense to name it Machan Kitchen. We wanted it to be a space where we could welcome friends, families or strangers and make them feel at home. We wanted it to be synonymous with the relaxed, informal and friendly beach huts that line the shores of the island.

We created Machan Kitchen to serve ice cold Sri Lankan cocktails with the tastiest regional dishes in Sri Lanka. We wanted your experience of our restaurant to feel as though you have visited our very home – Home cooking and killer cocktails; much like the parties our parents would throw in their homes.

When you visit Machan Kitchen we hope you will feel the warmth of Sri Lanka, enjoy the taste of its flavours and savour the fragrance of its spices. It is our every intention to make you feel at home. So, come in, sit, relax and let us serve you some great food, wonderful drinks and best of all let us welcome you to our Machan family.